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Max Cooper – HOPE

Hope is a visual poem about the journey of a thought, with a scale transposition to the gigantic/cosmic, it tries to represent the brain’s complexity and the birth of a feeling, as a charged particle travels through neuron and gives the power to create information and emotion. Directed by Thomas Vanz. Imago Edizioni © All…

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OFFF Barcelona 2018 Main Titles by GIANTSTEP

Gemini – The long awaited Main Titles for OFFF Barcelona’s 18th edition by GIANTSTEP. “This sequence is about McLuhan’s famous quote “The medium is the message” infused with Greek mythology, Gemini. We adopted the story of Gemini and paralleled their story with the history of media; their secret birth, sisterhood, and death/resurrection along with letterpress…

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Making-of | CIEL – Robotin

Creative director/VFX supervisor: Laurent Creusot CGI supervisor: Guillaume Dadaglio VFX producer: Pascal Giroux Character designer: Thomas haas Texture alien: Jordan Rakotondrasoa Setup alien: Alexandre Sauthier Modeling robot: Mehdi Rami Texture robot: André Monteiro Setup robot: Marine Sisnaki Tracking: Stéphane Richez Lead animation: Alexandre Sauthier Animation: Renaud Megange Lighting: André Monteiro Compositing: Seb Podsiadlo, Luc Martias…

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