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Teya Conceptor

Simple software for 3d kitbashing and fast modeling. Teya Conceptor is available for Windows and macOS. A new perpetual licence costs $199; a rental-only subscription costs $49/year. Old Polybrush licences also work with Teya Conceptor. There is also a new free trial version of the software. It’s initially valid for 30 days, but that extends…

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Visual ASMR

An exploration of tactile textures in nature by Onesal What does ASMR stand for? Japanese Art studio Onesal has launched a self initiated series of four short films proposing a novel visual approach to explain it. Visual ASMR, or Visual Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. ASMR is the subjective experience of euphoria characterized by a combination…

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Is this Heaven?

Grazie alla realtà virtuale Jang Ji-sung, ha potuto rivedere l’amata figlia Nayeon, morta nel 2016 a soli sette anni a causa di una rara forma di leucemia. Thanks to the virtual reality Jang Ji-sung was able to see his beloved daughter Nayeon, who died in 2016 at only seven years of age due to a…

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